Rockford P3S-1×10

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ساب باکس P3S-1×10 راکفورد ، Rockford P3S-1×10

ساب باکس شرکتی شرکت راکفورد فازگیت مدل P3S-1×10 از سری Punch

گارانتی یک ساله شرکت پیشگامان صدای رسا


The P3S-1X10 is a single 1” Punch Shallow subwoofer rated at 300 Watts RMS loaded in a sealed enclosure. This subwoofer enclosure is internally wired to a 1-Ohm load and features 5/8” MDF and 10 AWG quick-release input terminals.


مشخصات :


  • Sealed truck box style enclosure
  • Constructed with 5/8″ MDF
  • 10 AWG input terminals
  • 1-Ohm wired impedance
  • Computer optimized design
  • Covered with high density carpet
  • Wired exclusively with Rockford Fosgate speaker cable
  • Included trim ring ready to accept optional stamped mesh grille insert



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